Our Co-Op Families

MoyaI was recently printing out pictures from the Co-Op Kindergarten CD Mrs. Cooley gave us a few months ago which led to some recent pondering. I have also had many friends ask how my children are doing in school this year. When thinking of how to reply, I had flashbacks of the summer my son was entering the T/Th 4’s class. He has a summer birthday and was one of the youngest in his class. That year, I remember thinking that we would give him “the gift of time.” He didn’t have much of an assertive voice, would cry very easily if someone hurt his feelings and was afraid to try some things because he was afraid it wouldn’t be good enough (he would compare it to his older sister and not realize she was also 4 once). Well, the end of 4’s came and went and we signed him up for co-op Kindergarten program figuring if he didn’t do well that year that we could potentially repeat Kindergarten if more time was needed. Still learning about how to use his voice, yet stay true to the kind heart that he thankfully has, the year began. Those pictures (1400+) on that CD are so wonderful; I can’t even begin to explain how priceless his (and our) Co-op experience was. He blossomed so much in his ability to use his voice, his ability to speak truth in a loving way to his friends, to learn responsibility and a passion for learning and play that I pray continues the rest of his life. The Co-op is a lot of work and it is easy to feel overwhelmed when you realize all of your responsibilities to the school and the classroom. I wouldn’t trade both of my children’s experiences at the Co-op for anything in the world; it is truly priceless. Thank you to the amazing teachers that poured sooo much love into our children and so much time into your plans for creating experiences that our kids would be challenged and excited about! So when you are scrubbing that toilet, vacuuming/sweeping the floor, attempting to use Love and Logic as well as the teachers with conflict in the classroom, I hope you can see beyond that to realize that the Co-op experience you are helping to create for not only your children but for yourself and your family is amazing and sooo worth the blood, sweat and tears that go with it!

– The Moya Family (2013)